IATEFL Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group
Developing the teacher trainers of today for the teachers of tomorrow

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Wherever you are in the world, if you are delivering training sessions to English language teachers, then TTEd is the SIG for you!

TTEd offers an international network for teachers and trainers who work in:

Join us to learn, share and collaborate.

What does TTEd SIG do?

The TTEd SIG aims to serve and represent the interests of its members and to enhance their professional development. It achieves these aims in the following ways:

Teacher training for English language teachers
Teacher development in TEFL

Become a member of TTEd SIG to:

Membership benefits

Publications and the TTEdSIG Newsletter

TTEdSIG sends regular mailings to members throughout the year, including our newsletter and updates in the monthly IATEFL eBulletin. The newsletter keeps members up-to-date in the field and offers them an opportunity to publish their work in a less formal style than an academic journal. You are invited and encouraged to contribute to our newsletter—TTEdSIG members throughout the world are interested in learning about your work, and learning from your experiences! Click for more information.

TTEdSIG at the IATEFL Conference

At each IATEFL conference we have a Pre-Conference Event (PCE). These events are planned as days of professional development, and along with listening to talks given by established professionals the aim is to provide the grounds for exchange of ideas on our professional practice.

As part of the IATEFL annual conference we also offer a programme of particular interest to TTEd SIG members on one of the conference days. Recent topics have included: practical ideas for effective observation feedback; the journey from teaching to teacher training; and easy-to-implement ways for teachers and trainers to develop themselves.

Finally, during every IATEFL annual conference TTEdSIG holds an Open Forum, which is a great opportunity for members to meet each other and the TTEdSIG committee members. We introduce ourselves and talk about action plans. Do join us and voice your opinions.

TTEdSIG events in other countries

TTEdSIG has held several symposiums and conferences in different parts of the world. If you wish to organise a TTEd event in your country, we will be happy to collaborate. You can contact our events coordinator and/or our treasurer to plan a local event. Contact us for more information or with your ideas.

Gillian Porter Ladousse Scholarship

This scholarship, named in memory of former SIG Coordinator Gillian Porter Ladousse, offers the winner the opportunity to attend the IATEFL Conference in the UK and present a talk or workshop. The scholarship is open to all TTEdSIG members with less than 10 years’ experience in ELT—click for more information.

Regular event: Teachers’ Lounge

Please come and join us for our monthly get-togethers called the Teachers’ Lounge – details can be found on our social media channels.  Let us know if you have ideas for future topics in these sessions!

Get involved!

Be member and participate in TTEdSIG actively.  The TTEd Committee is made up of volunteer members who are committed to continuing to develop the SIG.  We hold elections for Committee Members. Please make sure your voice is heard and consider taking on one of the Committee posts in the future.

Why not think about joining us at the next IATEFL Conference in 2024 that will be in Brighton?  For more details visit the main IATEFL website